Our return policy is intended to encourage the process of exchange, replacement, or refund for our esteemed customers. The return policy and its terms are explicit to the customers purchasing the product and may change according to the type of product, class, and other things. The return policy on the particular product page will beat the general return policy. It is advised to the clients to understand the particular product’s return policy on the page and understand it before buying it. We aim to offer the best assistance to our clients through our customer support and follow the return policy. Here are the basic purposes of our Return Policy. Do experience every one of them to all the more likely get it.

1 . What you can Return

Sangvimart highlights a wide range of products. The clients can return a majority of the items they purchase from us. You can return things that were in damaged condition, missing parts or accessories, or they are defective, or if some unacceptable item was delivered to you. Food items like the cakes can’t be returned once it is purchased.

2 . How to return package

You can return the items in a few easy steps. You can use the request page to choose the return option. You can contact the merchant for returning the items you requested. Courses of action will be made to get the things and once the package is received the refund process will begin immediately.

3 . Refund Process

Your discount will be done within 7 working days of returning the items. The refund amount will reflect in your bank account within 7working days in case you made the purchase online. We aim to offer the best support, which is the reason we offer a quick refund and unconditional promise on the entirety of our best products.